TSYMO Automatic Cat Feeder – 6L App Control Pet Food Dispenser for Cats & Puppies with Anti-Clog Design, Voice Recording, Scheduled Feeding and Portion Control, 1-15 Meals a Day (2.4G WiFi)



Brand: TSYMO

Package Dimensions: 205x404x2210

Details: TSYMO automatic pet feeder is life saver for all pet lovers.

It not only brings convenience to every pet keeper, but also builds a special bond between you and your pet.

Unique Features:
Equipped with latest WIFI technology, which allows you to feed your cat or dog outside of normal feeding times through the APP provided.
Schedule Setting from Pet Zero app can help you to make pet have a healthy diet. If you set the feeding plan, TSYMO feeder may take care of your pet meal and your pet may no longer be hungry.
Feeding schedules can still work even the Smart Pet Feeder lost connection to the Wi-Fi. However, you need to set the schedules when the feeder is online, and make sure power adapter or battery supply is working properly.

[Recording & Voice Interaction] Playing recorded voice can make your pets to get used to the feeder better.
[App Sharing] You can share your Smart Pet Feeder with your friends and family, and they can feed your pet when you were not available.
[Dual Power Supply] Plug in power adapter and install 3 D-type batteries can double ensure the power supply.The dual protection of USB power supply and built-in battery (battery not included) power supply ensures that feeding plan is carried out uninterruptedly.
[Customized Feeding Schedule] Easily programmable timer allows you to personalize the feeding frequency and portion of each meal, with up to 6 meals a day and flexible 1 – 50 portions, you can schedule a specific times and amount of food to fit your pet’s needs.
[Easy to Assemble & Clean] Pet food bucket and feeding bowl are detachable, which makes it easier to clean and assemble.

UPC: 703805010884