Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff: Professionally-Installed Smart Home Water Leak Detector w/Automatic Shutoff & Water Usage Monitor (Compatible with Alexa)



Brand: Phyn


  • Water leak detection + water monitor system that helps save money on water usage and prevents frozen pipes
  • Smart Home-enabled water sensor alarm detects drips and leaks, keeping your home watertight
  • Receive real-time alerts at the first sign of a possible issue with the free Phyn app for iOS and Android, allowing for automatic water shutoff from anywhere
  • Requires professional installation to your home’s main water line
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Package Dimensions: 173x460x3266

Release Date: 20-02-2020

Details: Meet Phyn Plus. Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant measures tiny changes in water pressure—240 times a second—to alert you the moment a leak is detected. It can mitigate costly damage through automatic water shutoff and diagnose potential plumbing problems before they become an issue. This single water monitor device, installed on your home’s main water line, lets you manage your water throughout the entire home, even when you’re away. Once Phyn Plus learns about your home’s water use, it can turn off your water automatically and the free Phyn app will notify you and provide a direct line to your plumber. It’s even compatible with Alexa! You can also get the information you need to make better choices about your water use. Spot usage trends and see how much water your irrigation, showers, washing machine, sinks and more are using!

UPC: 745883770953